Wazana.IO is a strategic game where the mail goal is to kill every last piece of enemy to win. In order to achieve that you will have to create buildings which give you resources (Matter and Energy). Then you will be able to create units and attack your enemy base to finally achieve your mission. This is a very basic yet clear explanation of Wazana game.

To be more specific, here is a detail of all you need to know to be an expert member of Wazana:

The factions:

Before starting a game, you have to choose a faction, you have the choice between three different factions with different speed to gain Resource; Energy or XP.

Also every faction will have different specs: « Buildings are stronger » for BAAKO faction for instance or « Units move quickly » for the DEADELUS…

See below the detail for each one:




Then, after selecting a city somewhere on the map, you can decide if you want to play against an Artificial Intelligence or with another human player. (See below)

If you want to play against a friend; chose « Search Opponent ». If not; select « Play IA » and you will fight against an Artificial Intelligence.


First, Matter is the main resource which allow you to create every Buildings and Units on the map.

Second, Energy is the second resource. It is needed for two main reasons: First, to improve Buildings, Units and Specs and second to use the Specs (we will see later what is a specs).

Then we have XP (aka experience). This is not really a resource but the experience you gain during the game. And when you have enough experience, you reach a new level which gives you access to various improvements.


Buildings: 6 different types of Buildings exist for now. (See 3 icons variation depending on the faction)

  • 1) Earth Extractors that generate matter. Depending on your faction, the appearance will differ.




  • 2) Sun Extractors that generate energy.




  • 3) AstroBarrack to create unit with close range,




  • 4) LaserArchery to create unit that use laser and have long range.




  • 5) Tour defense, this building can attack enemy units that get too close to your base with strong power.




  • 6) And eventually the research center which allow you to unlock specs for your Units.





Note that you need to click on Buildings to have access to see all their possibilities.


  • Movement: as in every strategic game, you must click left to select Buildings and Units (stay clicked to select several Units at the same time) and click right to move your Units selected.
  • Build: Just left click on the Buildings symbol on the top left of the screen and choose on the map where to build it with another left click. The Units are automatically created around the creator building.
  • Switch: To see the enemy base and move your Units on it, put your mouse on the right side of the screen and you will be directly switched to the other base. Same thing if you want to go back to your base, except this on the left this time. You will need some energy to be able to move Units from one base to another.


Now I think you are ok to GO, just enjoy and do not hesitate to give us feedback if you feel like something needs to be changed or improved, write us a message(hello@wazana.io).

I decided not to explain you all in this article because I believe you also learn by experiencing. So try it and discover other specs, features and try to win against the Artificial Intelligence!

Don’t worry, you have access to the Documentation in the profile page, you will be able to read again these instructions with more information on level improvements.