Why all these colors?

Humans make all sorts of color choices, every day. Colors matter to us.

We know the colors of the world around us and all its shapes but we wanted to imagine something new with Wazana.io. Most of the maps use the same range of colors to represent the earth: blue for water, green for fields, grey for the roads, etc. Thanks to mapbox we were able to go in every universe we wanted and choose the color we like most. Blue with Grey, Red with White, Black with Orange, Green with purple or Blue with Blue.

Everything can be done. And we are sure that if one map is ugly for one, it will be beautiful for another.

As we say in France : ‘The tastes and colors, we don’t discuss’.

With one map color come four other players’ colors. When you choose one of these, that will define the color of your buildings, units and even the attacks and specs will follow this color you chose. This way of course you can easily recognize your entities from the enemy entities.

If you have suggestions, you are welcomed to send us some ideas (hello@wazana.io) on colors that could be fun to use. And if you want to go further, you could even register on the mapbox website to design your own map and send us your work. Every now and then new map designs will be added or deleted in Wazana.io. The goal is to let you choose the type of map you like, in order to offer you a better game experience that suit your expectations.