Play on real maps. All the games today try to reproduce real cities, landscape, etc. because it really allows the user to imagine what it would be like in the real world or what it was like during our previous wars. But why would you reproduce part of the world when you can have all of it thanks to a more simple and immediate solution? We indeed can use services like Mapbox which creates maps based on real data and that show us the real world. In order to develop the game, I just had to find a way to draw additional items on the map and allow users to interact with it. That way we could to offer a nice game experience.

That’s how two years ago, the idea of building a game based on maps was born. First, I wasn’t sure what kind of game I wanted to offer you but whatever the game I would create, I first needed to see what we could actually do with these maps. Mapbox sure offers some tools to add and remove marker, layer, image but not enough to end up on a game.

Thanks to a lot of time to think and different frameworks, I managed to use all the map possibilities and have great results in term of creation, movement, attack, etc…

I knew a nice UI around the map will not be easy to get. It was very basic as to begin you only had one icon moving on the map following the mouse and you could shoot in all the direction when you clicked to kill others fake units, but that was it. I showed the game to several friends but they didn’t seem really enthusiastic by the prototype.

So, I thought about it again. Because I had proven that we could do something with those maps even if I didn’t know what exactly… What kind of games today are based on maps? Strategic game of course! And as a big fan of Age of Empire 2 (the 2 is really important: I advise you the HD version), it became obvious that the game I would offer would be a strategic game. Therefore, you will find several AOE2 influences in the Wazana gameplay. But I definitely wanted something new otherwise it wouldn’t have made any sense. The maps couldn’t be the only new asset.

As I was coding the new idea, I quickly created a server in order to allow users to play together and this is when the volunteer team started to get bigger. As the team grew, the tester team grew too. And today after more than 1 year of tests and improvements, we want you to come see the results and enjoy this game and its new approach of the strategic game. We will sure continuously improve it again and we even want you to create your own unit and building thanks to a future github.

The next step will be to go on 3D maps. We wait for the technology to be ready and as soon as we can, we will let you choose the 3D mode for an even nicer experience. Keep reading this blog to be the first one to know the next release and the improvements! Thank you for your support, I look forward to improving the game.