Can you identify these european cities from their street plans? Have a look and let us know if you got it right. Aerial views can become tricky sometimes.

Are you an urban geek? Would you recognize your own home town map ? Sign in on and play on the map of the city of your choice or test your geography knowledge by looking at the example below.

  1. Honoré de Balzac used to say about this city : “This is the greatest temple ever built to material joys and the lust of the eyes.” Does it help you?


2) Below is the aerial view of another city of love. It is situated across a group of 118 small islands that are separated by canals…

3) The most famous literary description of this city is probably by Carey McWilliams. His words are inscribed on the statue in Pershing Square:

“Then it suddenly occurred to me that in all the world there neither was, nor would there ever be, another place like this city of angels…Here indeed was the place for me, a ringside seat at the circus.”


Have you guessed? See below the answers.






Answers: 1) Paris, 2) Venice, 3) Los Angeles