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« What People Think I Do » versus « What I Really Do »

How colors shape your experience?

Why all these colors?

Humans make all sorts of color choices, every day. Colors matter to us.

We know the colors of the world around us and all its shapes but we wanted to imagine something new with Most of the maps use the same range of colors to represent the earth: blue for water, green for fields, grey for the roads, etc. Thanks to mapbox we were able to go in every universe we wanted and choose the color we like most. Blue with Grey, Red with White, Black with Orange, Green with purple or Blue with Blue.

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Here is all you need to know to become an expert member of Wazana

Wazana.IO is a strategic game where the mail goal is to kill every last piece of enemy to win. In order to achieve that you will have to create buildings which give you resources (Matter and Energy). Then you will be able to create units and attack your enemy base to finally achieve your mission. This is a very basic yet clear explanation of Wazana game.

To be more specific, here is a detail of all you need to know to be an expert member of Wazana:

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